August 22nd @ 3pm Start time!!!                                CLICK HERE TO BUY----

This is a great event, that you will need 3 players on your team to play!!!! Challenges will be inside & outside!!!! Social DIstancing will be happening, but we have a lot of space!

$40 PER THREESOME!! Every team gets 3 Free Beers of Any Miller Lite, High LIfe, Coors LIte Can/Bottle/Tap! ALSO A KELLYS BLEACHERS KOOZIE!!!!

Plus Drink Challenges as well.....WHich will be dumb little challenges to play, if you win you get free shots or drinks!!!!!!

Cash & Prizes will be for 1st-3rd
with 1st Getting $200 in Cash & Prizes!!!!
(Prizes & Cash get larger the more teams we get)

50/50 Charity Raffle as well, starting with $75 in the Pot
$2 at ticket or $10 for 14 tickets!!!! Yes, it is for charity!!!!

This is a pre-signup and capped event, so get in quick!!! Teams can sign up in person, on our website, Facebook messenger, or in person at the bar. You do have to pay to play. Deadline to sign up is 08/20/2020 at 7:59pm.

Drink specials will be going on Miller Products & Booze to make the day a little better!!!!!

Teams will play the course of 8 holes/challenges, and try to get the best score to win the whole event!!!! Events included are Giant Foot Darts, Mini Putt Holes, Coaster Throwing, FootBall Bowling, and several more. Most events are Luck, rather than skill, but skill never hurt anyone!!!!

Overall Events/challenges will depend on how many teams we get, more teams more events/challenges!!!!!

Each challenge will have the same scoring system of 1-5, 1 being the best(hole in 1), 5 being the worst(FYI you suck lol). We do play best ball, which means each player will play each challenge and the player with the best score, then that is your teams score for that hole. So do your best!!!!

TIEBREAKERS- If teams are tied at the end of the event, we will have tiebreakers to establish who is 1st thru 3rd. 1st tiebreakers will be who had more hole in ones, if still tied after that, then we will play an challenge again with only 2 members from each team. Repeat until someone wins that place.

TIMEFRAMES- Start playing at 3pm, and ends when it ends. Guessing around 6pm or before.

Additoins rules--There are no subs allowed once your team starts, who you start with, you end with. Also, if your team is missing one of your players your team doesnt get a free turn in their place at any challenge. We just want to keep it fair!!!!